Transition Threshold Molding In Florida

Making a natural stone flooring job look professional involves using the right transition molding at doorways, or where it meets other flooring. Just ending the stone tile without using good transition threshold molding looks unfinished. Finding the best Transition Threshold Molding in Florida is as easy as contacting us. We are a company that manufactures and sells prefabricated natural stone transition threshold molding and window sills, as well as natural stone tile and accessories. By... Read More

Pre Fabricated Travertine Thresholds

In the business of flooring, the variety and quality of products a company stocks will depend on how well their salient features can be marketed. For several years now, wood has been the primary material in the making of thresholds and windowsills. Travertine Over the years, there has been a gradual shift to other kinds of material. Travertine is one such material that is a kind of limestone found around hot springs. It is normally... Read More

Marble Window Sills for Wholesale

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling one, it’s the details that can give the finished result a distinctive style, and when it comes to style, no features in a home or business are more important than its architectural elements. The eye is naturally drawn to the structural form of architectural elements like windows, doors and fireplaces. Fine details like marble window sills help make the most out these attention-grabbing features, transforming functional windows... Read More

Installing Marble Thresholds

When it comes to having areas of the home that go from being covered in one type of flooring to another, it is usually a good idea to have some sort of threshold in place on the floor between the two different types. Not only is this a great way to prevent your guests from tripping, but thresholds also make for a much more aesthetically pleasing look. For example, perhaps your dining room is carpeted,... Read More

Natural Stone Window Sills

Natural stone has been used in the construction industry for centuries. Marble is one material that is common in a number of settings and has a unique, luxurious look. It makes an ideal tiling material and is easily installed on windowsills, floors or walls. Travertine is another stone that is common in homes and commercial buildings. Travertine is a form of limestone that is commonly found in hot springs. Because natural stone is impervious to... Read More

Where to Buy Marble Saddle Thresholds

When it comes to purchasing a product that is virtually guaranteed to withstand the rigors of everyday life and the onslaught of natural elements, there is perhaps no better choice than marble or natural stone products. This is especially true when it comes to windowsills and door thresholds, which are often exposed to the worst that both nature and the daily human routine have to offer. Unlike their wooden counterparts, which tend to be far... Read More

Stone Window Sill Suppliers Florida

Marble isn’t just for kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Beautiful and stunning, it can be an important architectural addition to other areas in your home. Timeless and classical, marble might be the best choice for your patio, shelving or even the window sills in your home. Benefits of Marble Sills Available from StonExchange, marble window sills are a fantastic choice for any home. Durable and beautiful, marble will not rot slowly away like plain wooden... Read More