Customized Marble Window Sills for Large Projects

A specialty importer and distributor of fine-quality marble window sills and thresholds, Stonexchange is a Miami-based company that delivers large-size wholesale orders to retailers, flooring companies, and construction contractors. We offer guaranteed quality, dependable delivery times, and a wide selection of all sizes and colors. Businesses requiring extremely large orders of marble can rely on us to provide just the style and shade needed. We specialize in producing customized orders for non-standard size marble sills... Read More

Custom Marble Thresholds for Sale

Marble stone thresholds have a very appealing look and work quite well as a material separator. Marble is used extensively in areas where tile flooring meets a carpeted surface. Thresholds made from natural stone are also popular for use as a shower or bath curb. At Stonexchange, marble thresholds are our specialty. We stock a number of different color shades, each one specifically chosen by us to match the customer request or job order instructions.... Read More

Black Granite Window Sills for Sale

Granite is a prized building material. Its combination of strength, beauty, and durability make it a favorite natural stone product for use as a window sill, flooring tile, or countertop surface. Obtaining a supply of top-quality granite stone at wholesale prices is easy, and the price of granite is actually quite affordable. Stonexchange is a direct importer and distributor of granite window sills. We use Absolute Black Granite and this is a natural granite. Our... Read More

Marble Sills Delivered next day in Florida!

Stonexchange now offers next day delivery to Tampa, Naples, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Jacksonville for  its Marble Window Sills and Thresholds for only $60/crate.  Call now to learn more! 305 731 2400

Absolute Black Window Sill Installation

Absolute black window sill installation is a simple method of updating any design scheme. An increasing number of clients understand that use of natural stone is not just for floors anymore. Additional steps during the installation process ensure that stone sills retain their beauty for years to come. Before discussing the installation process, it is important to understand how natural stone gained in popularity among consumers. According to historians, Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus encouraged marble... Read More

How To Replace A Window Sill?

One detail in a home or commercial building that is often neglected is the window sill. Blinds or draperies often cover windows, making it easy to ignore damaged window sills. When a home or commercial building comes up for sale, the buyers do notice worn, damaged window sills and take them as a sign of general neglect. Replacing worn and damaged wood window sills with stylish natural stone window sills will add value to any... Read More

Interior Travertine Window Sill Replacement

Interior window sill replacement is a common enough requirement as the over saturation of water causes mildew and rot to the original wood. Throughout the seasons with constant expansion and contraction, eventually the wood sill undermines the integrity of a window's basic structure. A popular replacement alternative is natural stone for its ability to act as a natural water barrier to shield the window by preventing water from intruding on the sill and drywall construction.... Read More

How to Repair Dry Rotted Window Sills

You may not give the window sills much thought, but they actually serve an important purpose. The lower part of your window supports your window and serves as an architectural feature. Over time, wood window sills can start to rot from regular exposure to sun streaming in or water leaks. Fortunately, you can replace your window sills and replace them with a more durable material. Determine how Extensive the Damage is A small area of... Read More

Euro Beige Threshold Supplier Florida

The Best in the Market for a Profitable Long Lasting Business Association We are located in Miami, Florida. Our company STONEXCHANGE is one of the most reliable and trustworthy stone flooring and accessories company. We manufacture, import and keep in stock a wide and varied range of marble window sill and flooring products and accessories in various sizes and colors. The products that the Euro Beige Threshold Supplier Florida have in stock and deliver all over the... Read More

Durango Cream Travertine Window Sill Installation

Commercial buildings all have windows that need upkeep to look and operate at optimum levels. Replacing wood windowsills with marble can improve the looks of windows and cut down on maintenance costs. Contractors in the process of new construction or remodeling existing buildings can add considerable money to their earnings by suggesting new marble windowsills. Flooring stores can increase their sales by carrying top quality natural stone and Durango Cream Travertine Window Sills. Advantages of... Read More