Marble Bathroom Shower Curbs Distributor

Builders and contractors understand the saying that “the devil is in the details,” but what does this mean? Simply put, the biggest construction disasters have been caused by the smallest problems that have gone unnoticed. For example, a minor crack in the water pipes can snowball into thousands of dollars worth of water damage. In fact, water damage might be considered a slow killer for some residential and industrial builds depending on the type of... Read More

Where to Buy Crema Sahara Marfil Marble Thresholds in Bulk

Crema Sahara Marfil is a type of marble made from limestone deep within the earth due to years of heat compression that causes the minerals to melt and reform, creating a new type of rock. Crema Sahara Marfil is simply a classification of the color from which the marble has formed into. Because marble is naturally formed, there is no one type of Crema Sahara Marfil. As the area has much to do with the... Read More

Travertine Corner Soap Shelf: One of the Most Undervalued Bathroom Accessory

Soap caddies are one of the most overlooked, yet most used items in a bathroom. You can find a porcelain or metal soap caddy in almost every full bathroom, even in the older builds. As convenient of a feature this is, most people prefer to purchase one of their own as it usually serves a multi-functional purpose. Since bathrooms are typically one of the smaller spaces in a home, users tend to go for a... Read More

How Long Do Marble Thresholds Last?

To find out how long marble thresholds will last, it is best to refer to our most ancient buildings and works of art made from the same material. Marble essentially lasts forever! Yet because marble is an organic material, its surface can change without the proper sealant. However, the overall durability will outlast most of the lesser materials in a building project. Marble Thresholds Outlast Others Materials To develop a better appreciation of the longevity... Read More

How to Protect Your Marble Thresholds

Thresholds are typically known for being a protector itself—a guardian of every door keeping dust, water, air at bay. Yet because of this very reason, thresholds endure a lot of abuse. As a result, they become dirtier than the floors. This is especially true if the threshold is installed in doorways of the most used rooms. Those who have purchased marble thresholds usually invest in the product not only for its beauty, but also for... Read More

Windowsill’s Travertine Corner Soap Shelf vs. Metal Corner Shelves

Yes, the look of metal against stone has a certain elegant, yet masculine modern feel to it, appealing to all design preferences making it one of the most preferable choices. Designers certainly deserve credit for pair the two materials together as a decorative feature within a space. However, some designers do not always consider the functionality of such designs. Metal is a material that can and will rust. When placed in humid conditions like a... Read More

Double or Single Hollywood Bevel Thresholds: Purchasing the Right Threshold for You

When it comes to purchasing the right threshold for your building project, it really depends on the type of project you are working on and the overall purpose of the space. Developers and contractors know straight away what kind of threshold they will need. Yet for businesses that sell thresholds, it might get a little tricky, as it is most beneficial to house as much inventory as possible for existing and potential buyers. At the... Read More

Wholesale Marble Threshold: Purchase All the Thresholds Needed from the Largest Distributor in Florida

Contractors, architects, and builders are generally concerned with the bigger picture—the foundation and structure, making sure everything is secure and air tight to protect their building project from the elements. Yet they also need to concern themselves with other details like what type of material they are going to use. For this can make all the difference in the quality of their build and design, and ultimately, how much money one can make. With any... Read More

How Beautiful Marble Thresholds Can Make An Old Home Look New

What is a Threshold? The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines a threshold as “a piece of wood, metal, or stone that forms the bottom of a door and that you walk over as you enter a room or building”. However, we prefer their second definition: “The point or level at which something begins or changes.”   What is the Purpose of a Threshold? The ending and beginning of anything is usually scrutinized in some way, shape... Read More

3 Advantages of Marble Windowsills

Only 3 advantages? Three is all you need. Some of the most world-renowned chefs will tell you that their most expensive and complicated dishes entailed only a few ingredients. A high-priced designer may never admit that his or her most profitable work was completed on a shoestring budget using only1-3 expensive items.   The world can be complicated, but simplicity never goes out of style. That’s why there’s really on 3 advantages for using marble... Read More