How can you use a Travertine Window Sill as a bathroom shower curb?

Travertine window sills are commonly used in florida as an upgrade to Carrara Marble sills. Its neutral color blends well with most spaces. Especially in Florida, designers prefer earthy colors in their projects. Most hotels are specified with Cream color porcelain tile or marble tiles. Therefore a shower curb in similar color must be used … Continued

Wholesale Marble Thresholds by Sizes

Marble is the preferred stone material for thresholds and saddles. It is the perfect complement to other marble surfaces such as tiles and countertops. Large construction companies, flooring product retailers, and home improvement stores can save a great deal of money by ordering standard or non-standard thresholds from a direct importer and distributor. StonExchange is … Continued

Marble Window Sills for Luxury Hotels

Marble is becoming more and more popular as the material used for window sills in 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts. Many of the older luxury hotels undergoing major remodeling projects did not contain marble as a sill material, but construction companies often include them as part of the upgrade process. Finding quality marble in … Continued

5 Advantages of Using Marble Thresholds

A floor threshold is the material used as a surface junction in home and office interiors. The meeting of carpet and tile, or hardwood and carpet is often accented through the use of a stone strip. This not only makes foot traffic easier and safer, it also beautifies the interior of the premises. Marble is … Continued

Custom Marble Thresholds for Resorts

Customized thresholds and saddles manufactured from natural stone can be difficult to find. Special sizes and shapes are required for the unusual design layouts seen in building plans for resorts and spas. The best source for bulk orders of marble thresholds is a direct importer and distributor such as StonExchange. One of the biggest challenges … Continued

Marble Sills Delivered next day in Florida!

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