Shower Curb Marble Thresholds: Fast Fulfillment and Low Prices with StonExchange

When you’re putting the finishing touches on a major project, don’t settle for ordinary materials that are found in every other building on the block. Choose premium options that will impress your clients and create a more luxurious feel. Use natural stone on the backsplashes, put beautiful travertine on the front patio and install marble shower curbs, door thresholds and windowsills. You can get all of the marble products you need from Stonexchange, and we... Read More

Marble Threshold Colors by StonExchange

Marble thresholds are an excellent investment in any building project. More durable than wood, they withstand traffic better than metal and look more attractive than either material. It’s a very elegant addition that will make the home more visually appealing. StonExchange has five different options for natural stone thresholds or windowsills, and here are a few ways that you can use them in your next project. Travertine Travertine tiles are a popular choice in many... Read More

Wholesale Marble Saddles for Showers in Hotel Construction Projects

When you’re working on a major hotel project, you’ll require an incredible amount of thresholds. Every guest room will have a private bath with shower, plus you may need thresholds in the public restrooms, pool areas and any locker rooms. All in all, you may wind up ordering several hundred thresholds for just one hotel. In addition to choosing a durable material like marble, you’ll need to work with a supplier that’s committed to meeting... Read More

StonExchange: The Marble Window Sill and Marble Threshold Solution

As a contractor, you’re dedicated to customer service. You want your clients to be impressed with your high-quality work and attention to detail. This means choosing premium products and installing them with meticulous care. You’ll save money by ordering certain building materials in bulk so that you can have them on hand when you need them. If you’ve made the decision to use marble door thresholds and windowsills in your next construction project, then StonExchange... Read More

Sicilian Cream Marble Window Sills Distributor in Florida

When building your dream home or working on a project for clients, you need to pay attention to the little details. While you want perfectly finished walls and spacious floor plans, it’s the little details that will make the décor stand out and form the right impression. When your goal is to create a luxurious look and feel, you want to use high-quality materials in unexpected places, such as marble window sills and natural stone... Read More

Custom Cut Marble Window Sills by StonExchange

Traditionally, window sills are finished with wood or even drywall, and they don’t have much protection from the elements. They may also lack the elegant finish you might be looking for in your next project. Rather than spending countless labor hours carefully polishing and shellacking customized wooden sills, consider replacing all of the windowsills in your commercial or large residential project with marble. StonExchange specializes in marble windowsills because we appreciate the value and beauty... Read More

Marble Shower Curb Thresholds at Wholesale Prices

While designing a luxurious new bathroom, you’ll want to choose the right shower and door thresholds for the space. A proper threshold will limit the movement of water and prevent it from going into other areas. One option is to build the threshold out of wood and cover it with matching tile. However, marble is a better choice that’s more attractive and durable. It’s available in a range of colors, and it can be the... Read More

Double and Single Hollywood Bevel Thresholds

It’s the little details that make a home truly attractive. In addition to focusing on the flooring and lighting, you also need to look at the finishing touches like the thresholds, flooring transitions and windowsills. These transition areas are commonly made of wood, but there’s a better option available. Here’s just a few of the ways that marble outperforms wood when it comes to thresholds and transitions throughout your home. The Ability to Withstand Heavy... Read More

Custom Cut Marble Thresholds by Stonexchange

Not all door thresholds and transitions require slabs of the same size or height. When you’re working on a new building or renovation project, there may be several scenarios where a custom cut would be the perfect solution. Stonexchange offers custom manufacturing services for all styles of natural stone and marble thresholds. Consider the benefits of using our custom service rather than trying to cut the pieces yourself on location. How the Process Works We... Read More

Why Marble Thresholds Are the Best Option for Hotel Development Projects

Contractors working on large, public projects, have a vested interest in using the finest materials. Unlike a home that will be viewed by a few people at a time, a public venture like a hotel or resort may have hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Using the right materials in the construction helps make a great first impression on every person who walks through the lobby doors. As a contractor, you may have already... Read More