How Granite Thresholds Make Old Spaces Look Brand New

When it’s time to install new thresholds in your home, leave the metal ones at the store and opt for something far more impressive. While brass and stainless steel thresholds may be fast to install, they tend to catch dirt, dent with impacts, and generally look unappealing. However, you can make your home more attractive by going with impressive granite thresholds that are more durable, more attractive, and far more functional. In fact, a simple... Read More

Types of Marble Window Sills for Schools

When working on a school project, you need to consider more than just the aesthetics of different building materials. It’s also important to remember that schools need items that require low maintenance, and the products should also be able to withstand constant wear and tear. In the case of window sills, you also have the added stress of direct sunlight throughout the year. Here are a few of the reasons marble is a better choice,... Read More

Wholesale Travertine Corner Caddies Importer in the U.S.

Buyers today are looking for the extra touches that make a home more luxurious. When you anticipate their needs and include those little finishes, it makes a great impression on potential clients. In addition to using natural stone where you can, including in window sills and stairwells, you also might want to consider incorporating travertine corner caddies into key areas of the project. Consider these benefits of natural stone corner caddies as well as these... Read More

Black Granite Window Sills: A Bold and Elegant Choice

When designing luxury homes or fine hotels, you need to focus on elegant choices that people are sure to love. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with soft tones in white, ivory and tan. You can go with something bold that will stand out, yet still create a sophisticated environment that’s sure to impress your customers. Black granite window sills are an example of an impressive choice that will make you stand... Read More

The Benefits of Beveled Granite Thresholds

When it comes to new home construction and renovations, there are several different building materials to consider. In addition to choosing between vinyl and wood windows, you’ll also get to decide if your want carpet, hardwood or tile floors. One option you may not have considered is marble or granite thresholds and windowsills. While these surfaces are typically constructed of wood, there are key benefits to going with beveled granite. Greater Durability  Nothing is more... Read More

Marble Window Sill and Saddle Supplier for Construction Companies

As a contractor, your main goal is to run a profitable business. That means keeping your customers happy and taking control of expenses. There are several ways to accomplish these goals, and one of them is to choose the right suppliers for all of your raw materials. Once you make the decision to go with natural stone window sills and saddles, consider StonExchange for all of your basic and custom materials. Your customers will appreciate... Read More

Faux Stone Window Sills That Look Like White Marble

White marble windowsills are a great choice for any construction project, but you may not have the funds available to cover the cost of natural stone. A great alternative is man-made pure white Thazoz from companies like Windowsills. Here are just a few of the ways that white windowsills will prove to be the right design choice in your next hotel, residential application or home makeover. White Sills Seam Beautifully with White Wood Trim White... Read More

Why Natural Stones Make the Best Window Sills

When designing a project, natural stone window sills are the top choice. While it may be easier to reach for wood initially, marble has a durability that makes it hard to beat. It’s more attractive than wood, suitable with any décor and easy to care for. You’ll give every project an upscale look when you use marble as the finishing touch, and your attention to detail won’t go unnoticed by potential customers. Consider these smart... Read More

Custom Marble Window Sill Supplier

There are several benefits to using marble window sills in your next construction project or home renovation. A cost-effective choice, marble is attractive and durable. It can last as long as the home with minimal care, and that makes it an appealing choice for future buyers. However, finding the right supplier can be a little more challenging. You need a company that will provide you with great service, and you also want excellent rates. If... Read More

Marble Shower Curbs in White, Beige, and Black Finishes

Marble shower curbs are the top choice because their nonporous nature makes them more resistant to water intrusion. Stains won’t be a problem, and minimizing the grout lines helps keep the bathroom clean and attractive. Potential customers will take note of your attention to detail, and they’re sure to appreciate it. Available in brilliant white, you can customize different bathrooms further by choosing marble shower curbs in shades of deep black, beige and cream. Here... Read More