Double and Single Hollywood Bevel Thresholds

It’s the little details that make a home truly attractive. In addition to focusing on the flooring and lighting, you also need to look at the finishing touches like the thresholds, flooring transitions and windowsills. These transition areas are commonly made of wood, but there’s a better option available. Here’s just a few of the ways that marble outperforms wood when it comes to thresholds and transitions throughout your home. The Ability to Withstand Heavy... Read More

Custom Cut Marble Thresholds by Stonexchange

Not all door thresholds and transitions require slabs of the same size or height. When you’re working on a new building or renovation project, there may be several scenarios where a custom cut would be the perfect solution. Stonexchange offers custom manufacturing services for all styles of natural stone and marble thresholds. Consider the benefits of using our custom service rather than trying to cut the pieces yourself on location. How the Process Works We... Read More

Why Marble Thresholds Are the Best Option for Hotel Development Projects

Contractors working on large, public projects, have a vested interest in using the finest materials. Unlike a home that will be viewed by a few people at a time, a public venture like a hotel or resort may have hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Using the right materials in the construction helps make a great first impression on every person who walks through the lobby doors. As a contractor, you may have already... Read More

Natural Stone Window Sills Supplier

Windowsills made of natural stone will highlight the interior of a room like no other material can. Marble, granite, and travertine are the most commonly used stones in the creation of interior sills. The raw material is quarried worldwide, but most of the fine-quality rock is found in deposits located in the Mediterranean region. Stonexchange is an importer and distributor of natural stone windowsills. We operate our own manufacturing centers, and we use the finest... Read More

Italian Marble Window Sills – Same Variety as Home Depot But Better Prices

Contractors hired to install Italian marble windowsills as part of a large-scale interior design will need to locate a bulk supply of material at wholesale prices. While many of the popular styles and color shades are available at Home Depot and other warehouse outlet stores, the best prices on premium quality marble are realized when the purchaser goes directly to the source. A manufacturer that also acts as an importer and distributor can offer realistic... Read More

What Are The Most Popular Marble Threshold Sizes?

Transition saddles, also known as floor thresholds, provide for easy access when moving across a junction between two different floor surfaces. These strips are usually made from natural stone. Marble is the most popular stone material used for thresholds because it helps create a primary or secondary accent, one that complements other marble features used in the design of the room's interior. Thresholds are commonly placed in a doorway. For example, if a bedroom is... Read More

Use of Travertine as an Upgrade of Carrara Marble for Window Sills

Replacing natural stone window sills need not be an overly expensive undertaking. Contractors performing remodeling on a commercial structure are often allowed to substitute product because of materials’ availability or changes in design trends. Marble is one of the most popularly used natural stones for the manufacturing of window sills, but travertine is often chosen by those who desire an authentic, rustic look. Both of these materials are available in various shades and styles. Marble... Read More

Distributor of Marble Thresholds for Hotels in the Caribbean

A huge number of hotels and resort communities are scattered across the Caribbean. New construction and renovation of older structures is ongoing. These hotels usually contain marble accents as part of the overall design. Marble has always been a popular building material in the Caribbean, and hotel suites are often finished with marble flooring tiles, marble window sills, and marble thresholds. Construction projects call for the installation of dozens if not hundreds of marble transition... Read More

ADA Requirements for Marble Thresholds and Why They’re Important

A marble threshold is an eye-catching floor accent. It is beautiful as well as functional, adding to the overall appearance of the room or doorway. Marble is often used for transition thresholds because it complements other natural stone features such as flooring tiles and window sills. However, thresholds can present a tripping hazard if not installed properly or are of exceptional size. The Americans with Disabilities Act, abbreviated as ADA, has strict regulations about the... Read More

Personalized Marble Window Sills Cut to Size

Not all window frames are standard size. This means that the sills must be custom-cut to fit. Most distributors of marble window sills carry only a few standard lengths in stock, and they are not able to procure custom sizes upon request. Some manufacturers accommodate clients by cutting down or widening the sills. This is an expensive task that is usually only carried out if the order is large enough. Even then, the price will... Read More