Marble Window Sill and Saddle Supplier for Construction Companies

As a contractor, your main goal is to run a profitable business. That means keeping your customers happy and taking control of expenses. There are several ways to accomplish these goals, and one of them is to choose the right suppliers for all of your raw materials. Once you make the decision to go with natural stone window sills and saddles, consider StonExchange for all of your basic and custom materials. Your customers will appreciate... Read More

Faux Stone Window Sills That Look Like White Marble

White marble windowsills are a great choice for any construction project, but you may not have the funds available to cover the cost of natural stone. A great alternative is man-made pure white Thazoz from companies like Windowsills. Here are just a few of the ways that white windowsills will prove to be the right design choice in your next hotel, residential application or home makeover. White Sills Seam Beautifully with White Wood Trim White... Read More

Why Natural Stones Make the Best Window Sills

When designing a project, natural stone window sills are the top choice. While it may be easier to reach for wood initially, marble has a durability that makes it hard to beat. It’s more attractive than wood, suitable with any décor and easy to care for. You’ll give every project an upscale look when you use marble as the finishing touch, and your attention to detail won’t go unnoticed by potential customers. Consider these smart... Read More

Custom Marble Window Sill Supplier

There are several benefits to using marble window sills in your next construction project or home renovation. A cost-effective choice, marble is attractive and durable. It can last as long as the home with minimal care, and that makes it an appealing choice for future buyers. However, finding the right supplier can be a little more challenging. You need a company that will provide you with great service, and you also want excellent rates. If... Read More

Marble Shower Curbs in White, Beige, and Black Finishes

Marble shower curbs are the top choice because their nonporous nature makes them more resistant to water intrusion. Stains won’t be a problem, and minimizing the grout lines helps keep the bathroom clean and attractive. Potential customers will take note of your attention to detail, and they’re sure to appreciate it. Available in brilliant white, you can customize different bathrooms further by choosing marble shower curbs in shades of deep black, beige and cream. Here... Read More

Beige Marble Corner Soap Shelves

Stores are filled with organizer trays for the shower; homeowners can buy hanging racks that attach to the showerhead, pressure mounted poles and even suction shelves. While all of these are effective, none are as attractive as corner shelves made from elegant marble. Carefully installed along with the tiles of your choice, they create extra storage in the shower without taking away from the elegant look. In addition to using soap shelves in the shower,... Read More

Duraflex Window Sills vs Marble Window Sills

Modern technology brings many wonderful additions to the world of construction, but there are times when the traditional choice is still the best. One new option that contractors are considering is Durfalex window sills. While this PVC-type material may offer some benefits over wood, it still cannot compare with the natural beauty or incredible durability of natural marble window sills. Understanding the Materials Duraflex window sills have been used in colleges and schools around the... Read More

Black Marble Threshold Distributor: Always in Stock with Fast, Nationwide Shipping

Black is a marvelous color that’s every bit as neutral as beige and white. It matches everything and can work with almost any décor. It’s growing in demand as more consumers come to appreciate the versatile shade. Easy to clean and a sharp accent in any home, it’s a great choice for doorway thresholds. Black marble is a top choice for designers and architects alike because it brings out the wood tone in trim, brings... Read More

Why Engineered Stone Window Sills Are Better Than Cultured Marble Sills

Contractors need to have a range of products to offer their customers. Discerning clients often believe that natural products are the best, but this isn’t always the case. In many situations, engineered stone will prove to be a better choice for color consistency, stain resistance, durability and even appearance. You want to fill your customers’ wishes and provide them with a new home or business they’ll love, but you may need to help them understand... Read More

Thin Marble Shower Threshold Distributor

As a contractor or architect, you appreciate the value of natural stone as a building material. You’re trying to accommodate the demands of discerning customers by providing them with these premium materials. You’re already using thin marble thresholds in the showers, and your customers are responding well to the upgrade. It’s no surprise that homeowners are drawn to this type of upgrade. Marble is durable and attractive. It’s a beautiful stone that adds visual appeal... Read More