Are Absolute Black Granite Window Sills Right for My Home?

When it comes to window sills, wood continues to be the standard choice. However, many homeowners want their property to stand out and feel a little more luxurious. When you want something that rises above the standard wood finish, consider absolute black granite for an elegant touch and updated look. The color works with any décor, it’s easy to maintain, and it will look great in any home. If you’ve been considering going with this... Read More

Why You Should Use Marble Transitions to Replace Your Wood Thresholds

Wood thresholds wear down over time and require regular maintenance to keep them looking great. You could spend your free time refinishing these thresholds, or you can make the switch to a more attractive and durable material. With beautiful marble thresholds, you can enjoy a more attractive transition between rooms and simplify your long-term maintenance requirements. Before you decide to install wood thresholds in your new project, consider the many benefits of making the upgrade... Read More

Nuevo White Carrara Corner Soap Shelves: Elegant Functionality in the Bathroom

When it’s time to redesign your bathroom, look beyond the usual items and go with design elements that will stand out and give the space a more elegant feel. In the past, home designers gave the showers plain walls with a single soap dish. Consumers who needed more storage space for toiletries were required to purchase racks that mounted to the ceiling or hung from the shower hardware. While some of these can be attractive,... Read More

4 Types of Marble Door Thresholds

When it comes to your thresholds, you don’t have to settle for simple wood or metal transitions. There are some excellent alternatives available that will let you add style, color and class to the space. If you’re worried about different floor heights or other considerations, then marble is probably your best choice. It’s available in several different styles and colors from Stonexchange, so it’s easy to find the finish that will work best with your... Read More

Granite Window Sills from Stonexchange: Upgrade Your Home for Less

More people are choosing to make upgrades to their existing homes rather than going through the hassle and expense of moving. When you invest in the right renovations and changes, you can create a luxury space without disrupting too much of your lifestyle or filling out change of address forms. While you may think of kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to smart renovations, the fact is that the smaller changes can also have a... Read More

Travertine Thresholds: A Touch of Class

When it’s time to put the finishing touches on your construction project, take a closer look at the little details. Rather than finishing off the thresholds throughout your home or business with thin metal strips, consider using a luxurious material that will stand out, become a more important part of the overall design theme, and give the entire area a sophisticated feel. When you want to add a touch of class without overwhelming the space,... Read More

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Travertine Thresholds

Top designers understand that it’s the little details in a home that take it from simple to luxurious. While you may not be interested in covering an entire floor with travertine, you can still give a space an elegant look and sophisticated style by adding this natural stone to key areas. One overlooked spot is the thresholds in your bathroom. From the main door to the storage closet and even the shower itself, travertine will... Read More

Tile to Carpet Transitions and Thresholds

Working the transition from one flooring material to another can be tricky. Builders may use a simple metal strip to protect the edge of carpeting and make a smooth transition to adjacent tiles. However, you want something more attractive and appealing than simple metal or any other bland transition strip. You can maintain the high-end feeling of your home by paying close attention to the little details like transition strips. Rather than settling for a... Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Marble Thresholds in Your Bathroom

When designing luxury bathrooms, look beyond the standard metal or tile thresholds and use an attractive material that’s more elegant. Beautiful marble can make the ideal threshold for the bathroom door and even around the shower. A marble barrier can be used to effectively mark boundaries and help keep water from drifting into other areas. If you’re worried about the initial purchase price of the marble, then consider all the benefits of using marble as... Read More

Nuevo White Carrara in the Bathroom: Why Marble Thresholds Are Best

When designing your new bathroom, your first decision will be the overall style and feel. Do you want a space that’s casual and relaxed, or are you drawn to something more elegant and luxurious? When you want a modern bathroom that feels sophisticated with a timeless look, Nuevo White Carrara tile may be the perfect choice. Here are a few ways that you can go beyond the white floor to create a stunning bathroom that’s... Read More