Gray Marble Window Sills: Choose Nuevo Carrara for Modern Miami Homes

When it’s time to choose the finishing touches for your project, look beyond the usual wood and metal to consider natural stone. Marble has been a top choice for windowsills for centuries, and it’s still one of the best options available. Cost effective and beautiful, it adds style and beauty to any project, and you can use it to make a great impression on your customer. Here are some of the benefits that you and... Read More

Discount Marble Sills in Miami: Quality, Convenience, Pricing

When you’re gearing up for a major project, you have countless items to check off your to-do list. In addition to getting final authorization from the homeowner and lining up permits and inspections, you’re also going to be coordinating crews, stocking up on supplies and ensuring that everything is ready to go. You’re bound to be running short on time and patience. You can make your entire project run more smoothly by ensuring that you’re... Read More

Miami’s Premier Marble Distributor: Wholesale Pricing and Quality Selection

  There’s no doubt that stone is a great product for any home. It’s durable enough to withstand high traffic areas, and it can look incredible for decades with just a little care. One benefit of marble, granite or travertine is that you’ll give the value of your home a boost by using it in key areas. However, you want to be careful when making your purchase. You want to buy quality stones that are... Read More

Marble Window Sill Ledge: Superior Construction and Design

Windows come in a range of sizes and styles, and not all of them will take a basic window sill. If you’re working on a special project and you’re adding corner windows, extra wide sills or luxurious curved windows, then you’ll want to look beyond the standard wood window sill for something that will ideally suit your needs and give your project the ideal finishing touch. Here are a few of the ways that you... Read More

Marble or Wood Window Sills: Which is Right for Your Project?

Wood window sills are commonly used in all types of construction projects, but they aren’t the only choice. Educational centers and health care facilities have made the switch from wood to plastic because they’re easier to clean and care for, but they aren’t nearly as durable. Another option is to install marble in lieu of wood and give the entire project an upscale feel. If you’ve been debating between wood and marble, here are some... Read More

Wholesale Marble Window Sills in Miami: Cheaper Than Lowes and Home Depot

As a contractor or designer, you understand what buyers want. You’re looking for those little touches that will set you apart from the competition. You appreciate the value of marble thresholds and window sills to make an incredible impression on potential buyers, but you may not know how to keep your costs down when investing in this fine building material. Even if you’re working with a local big box store that’s willing to provide you... Read More

Custom Size Thresholds for ADA Compliance

When working on any commercial building, your responsibilities extend beyond the client to include the government. As a contractor, you’re expected to know and adhere to all local, state, and federal building codes. Part of that means following the guidelines for ADA compliance. It’s the little details that can make a difference in any building project. And often it’s issues with items door thresholds that can lead to fines and problems later if you aren’t... Read More

Solid Surface Window Sills: 10 Reasons Why Natural Stone is Your Best Option

When working on a major renovation project, it’s the little details that may matter most. You can take your home to a higher level by adding the right touches to areas like the window sills. Rather than settling for plain wood or plastic, go with solid natural stone for an elegant look and unmatched durability. Don’t settle for a material that will fade in the sun and be prone to water damage. These are the... Read More

Wholesale Stone Door Thresholds

There’s no doubt that stone door thresholds are a smart choice for your next project, but you need to find the right supplier. Stone thresholds are more durable than other options, and they’re certainly more attractive. They give your new housing complex or hospitality project a sophisticated look, but they also carry a higher price tag. It’s almost enough to send you retreating to your standard supplier for wood or metal transitions, but you don’t... Read More

Cultured Marble Window Sills: Low Maintenance Art Deco Style

When designing a new hospitality center or housing complex, you have countless decisions to make. In addition to finding the perfect floor plan, you’ll also need to consider all of the finishing materials and colors. At one time, stone window sills were the product of choice for builders because of their durability and beauty. Over the years, they gave way to wood due to cost considerations. However, more contractors are once again embracing marble as... Read More