What Are The Most Popular Marble Threshold Sizes?

Transition saddles, also known as floor thresholds, provide for easy access when moving across a junction between two different floor surfaces. These strips are usually made from natural stone. Marble is the most popular stone material used for thresholds because it helps create a primary or secondary accent, one that complements other marble features used … Continued

Distributor of Marble Thresholds for Hotels in the Caribbean

A huge number of hotels and resort communities are scattered across the Caribbean. New construction and renovation of older structures is ongoing. These hotels usually contain marble accents as part of the overall design. Marble has always been a popular building material in the Caribbean, and hotel suites are often finished with marble flooring tiles, … Continued

ADA Requirements for Marble Thresholds and Why They’re Important

A marble threshold is an eye-catching floor accent. It is beautiful as well as functional, adding to the overall appearance of the room or doorway. Marble is often used for transition thresholds because it complements other natural stone features such as flooring tiles and window sills. However, thresholds can present a tripping hazard if not … Continued